CSU’s missing student notification policy and official notification procedures apply to students who reside in on‐campus and university housing.

If anyone believes that any CSU student who resides in on‐campus and university housing is missing for more than 24 hours, he or she should immediately notify the CSU Police Department at 970‐491‐6425. A person also may report that a student is missing to a residence hall advisor or director or to the Residence Life main office at 970‐491‐4719. All missing student reports must be immediately referred to CSUPD (in any case, no more than 24 hours after the report is received). Housing and Dining Services will alert CSUPD within 24 hours of determining that a student is missing.

When a student who resides in an on-campus and university student housing facility is reported missing, CSU will investigate to determine if the student is missing, including taking any or all of the following steps:

  • Contacting the student via e‐mail and phone
  • Conducting a welfare check into the student’s room or apartment
  • Contacting the student’s designated confidential contact person or designated emergency contact person
  • Contacting others who may know the student such as parents, guardians, roommates, club advisors, friends, floor mates, club members, and friends
  • Contacting employers and associates
  • Contacting the student’s professors
  • Attempting to locate the student’s vehicle
  • Searching campus locations to find the student
  • Sharing the student’s picture and requesting assistance from the community in obtaining pertinent information
  • Checking the student’s social media sites
  • Proximity key access
  • Meal plan use
  • Any other investigative measures as determined by CSU and law enforcement officials

CSUPD may consult with university offices in determining whether a student is missing, who is the appropriate party to initiate contact with the student’s emergency or designated confidential contact person, and any other actions that may be appropriate regarding the missing student.

CSU notifies all students who reside in on‐campus and university housing that they may designate a confidential contact person to be notified no later than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing. Students designate this person by completing the confidential contact form provided when they first move into the residence halls and may change their designation at any time by going online in the residence hall intranet system (students must be logged in to make changes). The confidential contact information provided by the student is accessible only to authorized campus personnel, including law enforcement, and may not be disclosed to anyone else. If the student does not register a confidential contact person, then the student’s designated emergency contact person or people shall be contacted.

The university will contact the parents, custodial parent or guardian of all unemancipated students younger than 18 who reside in on‐campus and university housing within 24 hours, in addition to contacting the confidential contact person designated by the student.

CSU will notify all students living in on‐campus and university housing that, if they are determined to be missing for more than 24 hours, the institution will initiate the following official notification procedures:

  • The university will notify the confidential contact person identified by the missing student within 24 hours after determining that the student is missing.
  • If the missing student is an unemancipated minor younger than 18, the student’s custodial parent or guardian as identified in CSU records will also be notified within 24 hours from the time the student is determined missing.
  • The university will notify the local law enforcement agency within 24 hours of the determination that the student is missing, unless the local law enforcement agency was the entity that made the determination that the student is missing